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last hour or so. we saw convoys drive past us. one woman brought flowers with her. and the fire chief says residents are wearing protective gear and he cannot confirm how many or which families are being let in this evening. for everyone here in the fire zone, it's still more about coping than recovery. bill's claremont house missed total destruction by a matter of feet, upgraded from red to yellow tag, meaning he may repair if he wants to. >> i don't want to move back here. i'm afraid to have my kids playing at that park again. my god. are you kidding me? >> he can walk up to within feet of the front door but is not allowed to go in or get any of the three cars. his insurance company will pay rent on a four bedroom belmont house for six months. he says that should be plenty
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of time to figure out what he needs from pg&e to make him whole again as they've been promise eyeing started to realize the question what do i need is how can we compensate you for blowing up your neighborhood? and destroying properties and killing your neighbors? and ruining your life? >> audrey's front door was kicked in by firefighters thursday night. she's got windows cracked from the heat, plastic pots and patio melted. but she's not afraid to stay here it could happen anywhere. it could happen to anyone at any time. and could with their story and their street. maybe i'm a fatalist or something. i believe something is going to happen. something is going to happen. >> those whose homes were leveled are waiting for the city to let them go in to try to sift through rubble. >> we're going to try to find momento that we can find.
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i don't think it's going to be much. anything to cling on to, you know? to most people it would be junk. to us, it would be a treasure. >> and the governor is scheduled to come here tomorrow, returning from a trip to asia and says he has been in constant contact with the lieutenant governor. reporting live in san bruno abc 7 news. >> and heather, thank you very much and we're hearing from the first to get to the scene. one had an idea what happened and what they're about to face. >> initially we're thinking a plane went down. then, a second call came n i was thinking it might be a terrorist thing. my son's baseball practice. and when my wife and i saw the explosion. and she said go. i told her i'd call her when i could.
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>> i think one of the thing that's needs to be noted is the reason why we feel this went as well as it did is because of the cooperative efforts of multi agency autos 200 firefighters were on the scene within moments. somehow, none was seriously injuredded. >> officials released an updated total on homes and people impacted bit fire. so far there is 321 residents allowed back into their homes, 19 homes suffering substantial damage. authorities are investigating the status of three missing people that have not been heard from since thursday. relatives are worried they died in the fire. >> many victims must now navigate through what can be confusing and intimidating process. >> there is important information. >> and because insurance might not cover immediate needs of
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the folks so that is where pg skm e is stepping in offer with a larger, long term need. >> this is making sure everyone is okay. >> sherman talked to his 3-year-old son, drove way from grandma's house with jeremy just three minutes from the explosion destroyed her home. >> he heard the house shaking and looked and saw orange glow, then felt heat and ran outside. >> now dad is trying to help her through the claims process. that is where pg&e is stepping in to help. >> what he have in this community is that we do have customer representative who's are helping to expedite the claims process for those customer that's were affected by this terrible tragedy. >> sherman is seen pictures of
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the house in ruins and is concerned pg&e is giving out conflicting information. >> i just want pg&e to come up to put something in writing with forms. is it a one time claim? do we have two years? or one year? three years? >> we understand that customers that were affected may have the need for funds up front. and perhaps later as well. we're allowing multiple claims. >> and in three years for damage to properties. these claims are separate from $400,000 worth of prepaid gift cards and $100 million fund the utility set up for both victims and community of san bruno. residents could receive $15,000 to $50,000 depending on the damage suffered. >> good information. it's a long road for them. >> and we'll have more
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information. we're going turn to other news of the day. a close call tonight for a driver in solano county. only nern a car that flipped has been rescued. i want to show you the view. there is no word on why the driver went into the water, four fishermen are recovering from the richmond marina this morning. one man was hurt when the boat hit the jetty and rescued with a passing tug boat and taken to the hospital. the coast guard rescued others and they're okay. >> good news there. there is major news we're following. she's free. tonight share sarah shourd, one of three hikers being held in iran is no lng longer a prisoner she. was flown to oman, reunited with her very relieved another.
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and laura anthony is live. >> reporter: there is great relief. friends sarah shourd has been released and intensified determination to make sure other two cal pa grads are set free. after 410 days, sarah shourd walked off a private jet into the arms of her mother. earlier shourd was released from prison in tehran. she, fiancee shane bower and their friend josh fattal have been held since last year. >> i want to really offer my thanks to everyone in the world all of the governments, all of the people that have been involved and especially want to address president mahmoud ahmadinejad and all of the iranian officials and religious leaders and thank them for this humanitarian gesture. i'm greatful and humbled by this. >> and shourd was freed on
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$500,000 bail. her family says she's been depressed and found a lump in her breast. >> i'm so, so happy sarah is going to come home and get medical attention she deserves. she's suffered so much. for those of us here in the bay area we're just really happy she finally is going to come among people who love her. >> in a statement nora shourd says i urgently appeal iran not to delay granting shane and josh's families same skbroi relief i now have, knowing sarah is free. a university prose feror met mahmoud ahmadinejad three years ago. >> we need keep fresh on the need to release remaining hikers. just the fact she's released, even with her medical situation, i think just underscores how shallow and ludicrous the charges are.
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>> and u.s. state department spokesman this afternoon said the bail paid for shourd's release did not kurp from the u.s. government and does not guarantee shourd will return to iran for trial. iranian prosecutors maintain they will go ahead with an espionage trial of bower and fattal as well as sarah shourd, quote in absentia. >> thank you very much. >> and there is a different kind of reunion to report tonight an mazing one. a seven year saggo of a missing dog. why it took a judge to settle the dispute today. >> and the east bay chef who could be the nation's best and his restaurant unique. and i'm sandhya patel. enjoy mild weather we have for the next few days.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a strange story of a woman's battle to get back her long lost dog today. she was reunited with her beloved pet after seven years. and how this actually worked out. >> we're across the street from where this took place. this is across the street from the law office where reunion took place has been an hour and 0 minutes ago. mary hadn't seen her dog since little girl disappeared in 2003. until three weeks ago there is no idea the dog was still alive. on august 24th mary's dog was
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brought into that this animal clinic. kenneth griffin told the vet he found the dog noticed it had an ear infection. the vet scan forward a microchip. >> there is a chip. we and mary got the call. >> your little girl has been found. >> she rushed down bringing receipts, dog license, her theft report from 2003, and too late. >> my dog had been given to the person that brought the dog in. i was absolutely... horrified. >> the clinic manager says the young man decided he wanted to keep the dog. the vet called the humane society. that says he was told anyone who reports finding a lost dog can keep it. >> this is under the law it
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was know their dog. >> this doesn't make sense to me. >> today a judge ruled the dog belonged to and i just love this dog. we love this dog. i still feel it's my dog. you know? i just want the dog. she's stayed for seven years, never had a home. and it's just seeming to be bounced around like this. and and he couldn't be happier. >> hair is shorter but and we're going to have a great time celebrating tonight. >> and he never would have kept the dog except that is advice police gave him and humane society is saying tonight there is a 30 day rule what is just a rule of thumb
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using with dogs that are band oned not that have a microchip and an owner. mark matthews abc 7 and city council just voted proposed high speed rail crossing be built above ground voted in favor of the above ground found with a stimulation. and places will be 90 feet in the air. it's suspected to cost half a billion dollars. >> and today's senate democrat filibuster moving forward with a small business bill. after months of getting to need for 16 votes after two republican as agreed to back the bill. the legislation would create a $30 billion lending program for small businesses and offer $12 billion in tax breaks.
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if it clears final votes in the senate and house the bill could become law before mid term elections. >> a bay area chef's jamaican restaurant could be the best in the nation. he's nominated in a contest of top chefs created by night line. we'll tell you how to vote for chef clive of swing fingers in san lee grand dro. -- lee and dro. >> it's like being in jamaica without air fare. the food. >> this is jerk chicken. atmosphere and music. >> yeah. wonderful day. >> the owner of sweet fingers where the experience is authentic. >> yes. >> this is this i saw my day like 7:00 in the morning go together market. i get back and start my routine prepping. >> spices and herbs come from
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jamaica. he was born there and at age 0 moved to new york learning cooking at the world. after september 11th moved to california, here people discovered his food filled with love, he says. >> i come here all the time. >> the chef is talented. >> and there is a contest and is one voting is online. and you know what? it enough to do food and people. >> for me it's orange ginger chicken, oh, yum. voting continues through september 26. the winner announced that week f the chef wins there could be two new words on the menu. res vacations. the chef goes to the web site to choose him. and this could just be a start. >> i would love to have a to.
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>> don didn't bring a thing back for us. can you believe it? if you want to help we have a link for you on the site abc 7 >> i think don intended to, but things just didn't come together. >> yes. >> and there is the weather forecast. >> sandhya? >> rain could be coming this weekend. and umbrellas are probably buried some wr. looking for them. and you won't need them immediately. and outside, enjoy this beautiful weather z next couple days, we're looking at it's sunny now. and you can see trees are just standing still. not much wind there from our
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east bay hills camera there is a beautiful view of clouds there and there is a picture of what it looks like in san francisco. there is some sun. we're expecting gray skies to return to some valleys by morning. numbers into 50s along the coast. most areas gained a few degrees today as we had expected a little bit warmer. there is extra clouds on friday. and a chance of rain coming to the bay area this weekend. and first take a look at the pacific satellite picture into the short term this ridge of high pressure is is a small ridge, keeping us dry. mild condition was low clouds and fog into night and morning hours this, continues through thursday. by friday, as this cold front
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approaches clouds started to thicken, temperatures beginning to fall. over the weekend it's going to be much cooler, here is what we're going to see happening. we're going to take you through time. and this starts to by saturday morning and clouds go across parts of the bay area. cold front starts to press south into sunday morning. and rain still into sunday morning, showers behind the front. right now this is looking like a good chance of rain between saturday afternoon and sunday morning. get umbrellas out and just be prepared there is low clouds and fog heading into bayside communities. there is 77 in campbell. 76 for you in san jose.
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you're looking at low to mid-70s. 73 in mountain view. pacifica, upper 50s to low 60s, downtown san francisco coming up just a couple degrees, 64 degrees and 80 in calistoga. and east bay, 69 oakland. 73 for union city. 81 in livermore. 72 degrees in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is 60s to low 80s we're going to keep it steady through thursday, then friday just a slight drop in temperatures. by weekend we're looking at mid-70s in warmest locations with a chance of rain. then, temperatures inch back up monday and tuesday. and there is rain? in september? >> we didn't even have summer. >> i know what. is up with that. >> the summer that just passed us buy thank you very much. >> and still ahead tonight why
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the national transportation safety board just finished a briefing on its investigation into a cause of the san bruno explosion and fire. ntsb vice chairman says officials received 90 e mail from residents claiming to have smelled gases in days and weeks leading up to the explosion, however, says only one person called pg&e to report it. the pipe that exploded on thursday is now on its way to washington, d.c. and there will undergo further testing. >> france is closer to banning women from wearing burqua
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style islamic veils in public. it will be the first european nation to do so. the frechblg senate passed the measure today by 246 to one vote margin. it has passed a national assembly only needing president sark yozy's signature to become law saying it helps reinforce equality between the sexes. violateors will face a fine or take a citizenship course. >> the eiffel tower was evacuated today after someone phoned in a bomb threat. they searched the area and didn't find anything. and investigators do not know if the threat was related to the senate vote. >> and when we come back a tribute by san francisco giants. giants. >> a plan to
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man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin!
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you can see
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coming up at 6:00 for you what happens when pg&e insurance money runs out. why customers may have to pay when a wildfire goes beyond worst case scenario. >> are marin county sheriff deputies properly trained on tasers? >> would you let your children play in a rusting playground structure? with your video we'll help you fix it coming up tonight at 6:00. and giants of san francisco are expecting a crowd in tonight's game against the dodgers and that will help benefit victims of san bruno fire. >> the team is donating $3 of every ticket sold to a victim fund. >> this is a live picture. beautiful day from our high definition south beach camera. >> they're going to honor fire victims in a special ceremony tonight also helping collect don yaigs from f

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